Cost of dating ultrasound

The procedures can be performed using CT scan or ultrasound.

The type of intervention requested will determine whether you are having a CT scan, ultrasound or fluoroscopy guided procedure.

For full details on preperation requirements and scan information, please download the Patient Information Flyer PDF on this page.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Qscan Radiology specialises in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.

UItrasound provides detailed, real time information without the use of radiation.

The ability to see a moving image also makes ultrasound an excellent tool for guiding procedures such as needle biopsies and injections.

Qscan’s specialist Radiologists then review these images for diagnostic purposes.

If your doctor has requested a scan of these structures, you will be required to fast. Renal ultrasound scans assess the kidneys, bladder and prostate (in men).

Images are generated with the use of a small hand held ultrasound transducer.

High frequency sound waves, not audible to the human ear, are transmitted to the area of interest and the reflected signal is converted into an image.

This is a safe, noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation.

Vascular Ultrasound can be used to evaluate arteries or veins in nearly any part of the body, including blood vessels in the neck, abdomen, arms and legs.

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