Country music stars dating

After a stint in rehab, she tries to put her scandals behind her and return to the spotlight. Jessica Lange delivers a phenomenal performance as country legend Patsy Cline.

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Strait is not an actor in the class of Mellencamp or Nelson, but he is genuine and has a winning smile and holds his own in a screenplay that makes few demands." "Urban Cowboy" was released while disco was in its death throes, and this honky-tonk counterpart to "Saturday Night Fever" helped boost the careers of its soundtrack singers and launched a nationwide craze.The buddy comedy, directed by Robert Altman protege Alan Rudolph, was based in part on Nelson's experiences with the dark side of the record industry.James Wolcott called in "a litterbug comedy, eating up the white line in the middle of the road." Rip Torn shows up as an unscrupulous record producer. ," starring George Clooney and John Turturro, follows fugitives from a chain gang through obstacles that include a crackpot Bible salesman (John Goodman) and sudden celebrity as bluegrass singers ("How can I lay a hold of them Soggy Bottom Boys? This Depression-era Odyssey, directed by the Coen Brothers, also brought old-timey music came back into fashion. Bone Burnett's soundtrack, featuring Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch, became a best-seller.The '70s drama takes place over five days in Nashville and boasts more than a dozen main characters, 20-plus original songs and a cat's cradle of plotlines.Some critics have called it a political parable, others a cutting-edge musical, still others a sprawling mess. What you get out of the movie depends on where you decide to look. Whatever your take, it's worth being seen — and argued about.

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