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Nicole Bass also brought on a sexual harrasment case against the WWF.She left the organization after filing a sexual harrasment claim saying she was sexually assaulted by Steve Lombardi backstage. I find that hard to believe that as someone as big as Nicole Bass being sexually assaulted backstage the way she did. Vince Russo - Jim Cornette had always had a long storied hatred towards Vince Russo, dating back to when he was a booker in the then-WWF.I'm not sure, but didn't Kim Cattrall have some issues with some of the other ladies on the set of "Sex and The City" which is partly why you almost never see all four of them together, unless they are forced to promote their movie together?I don't know if any feuds happened during the series but things blew up during the early production of the motion picture.And another non-wrestling feud that I'm pretty sure was said already but: Mike Tyson vs. Mike Tyson rode with Robin Givens with her to Russia while Robin was preparing to do an episode of her show Head of the Class out in Russia.Moments later that day Tyson apparently was heard berating Robin and spposedly threatened her in their hotel room. creator Dick Wolf I think that Chris Noth has since resolved his differences with George Dzundza and Paul Sorvino (no doubt due to the passage of time), but Michael Moriarty and Dick Wolf never have.Cattrall has said her feud was with executive producer / co-star Sarah Jessica Parker and nobody else.The feud was about Cattrall demanding a larger paycheck, for her and co-stars Nixon and Davis, and at the time people were questioning if the movie was ever going to happen due to the delays and feuding.

Allegations of abuse supposedly drove those two apart.

I got another one: Sable (Rena Mero, now Rena Mero-Lesnar) initially sued Tthe now-defunct Titan Sports Inc. ) The Montreal Screwjob was also the 1st of many feuds Bret had with Vince.

and the then-WWF and Vince Mc Mahon for sexual harassment. Supposedly, at one point he even went as far as blaming Vince for Owen's death. Linda Bollea Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steve Williams) vs.

Cattrall said she didn't want to work on a set where she felt she was "undervalued" and thought that what her and her co-stars were being offered wasn't enough. I knew something had happened, but wasn't sure what.

All i know is that you rarely see all four of the ladies together.

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