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Thanks, My Orange Thank you so much, I'm working on it. Smart Admin - the best and most unique control panel at the moment. I have also checked the source code of smart notification. One more thing about the template's grid system, it lacks the functionality to specify different layouts on different widths (classes col-md, col-lg, etc), so im thinking of using bootstrap's grid with your form elements for example like this but im not really sure it works as expected inside a smart-form.

Your code is very well documented and any novice programmer can understand it and apply it. I'll wait for updates) First congratulations on your work. For example you have this rule: @media screen and (max-width: 600px) { .smart-form ... Open up "Smart Notification" JS file from the COMMON_ASSETS folder.2.

If you browse around the menu for a while the memory usage keeps climbing and climbing until eventually, for me, it hit 1GB and then the tab crashed in chrome. The worst offender seems to be data tables but that's not the only page that causes the leaks.

I'm guessing page Set Up() introduces some as well because there seems to be a lot of initialization code which happens on each route change but no cleanup.

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I manually converted it to Angular JS and have had great success. I had to slice and dice the template so much to make it work with my Angular setup but I think I'll go ahead and upgrade to 1.4.1 despite the effort it will take.

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I am trying to keep this channel for comments, feedback and pre-sale questions area. Hello, I am not too familiar with ember.js, if it plays well with jquery then you should be able to use either the AJAX or the vanilla HTML Version.

Maybe just a simple shell which has the navbar and menu and a blank main page.

This would be easier to work with when starting to use the template rather than having to strip out all the unnecessary demo html and javascript. Hello again, I was just playing around with the angular version and realized that there are memory leaks.

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