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I'd really appreciate some advice if anyone has come across this before.I believe what you are wanting to do is simply tell all your DHCP clients to not register their own DNS records in AD.

If I check the security of the 'A' record created through the dynamic update, the record is owned by the account created for DNS dynamic update registration and populated in the DHCP server.

The dynamic update GPO controls this behaviour on a per-computer basis; when it is disabled, the per-connection "register this connection's address in DNS" option has no effect and dynamic registration does not occur, leaving the DHCP server to take care of it without interference.

You should set this GPO only on computers which should be DHCP clients.

Visit Stack Exchange After having upgraded a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain to Server 2008, and upgraded client PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7, I'm seeing inconsistent dynamic DNS update behaviour.

Two domain controllers also have a DHCP and DNS role.

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