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"Amanda," you ask before you go off on your date with Mat, "How do I be cool?

" "Let me put on a pot of coffee first," she replies. Leighton Gray had multiple roles in bringing "Dream Daddy" to life, serving as its co-creator, writer and art director.

"I would camp out at a nearby Starbucks — because my apartment had awful Wi Fi — for eight hours or so, whispering about dad butt in the corner," Gray said.

That's not to mention the steep learning curve – handling both artistic direction and the story is something Gray recalls as "pretty grueling." While they had a sizable art team to work with, the narrative design elements were foreign to her.

Your character spends a lot of time with his daughter, Amanda, as she deals with high school drama and gets ready to head off to college.

I grew to love ruffling her hair and making corny jokes that embarrassed her.

"I think people assume that dating sims are easy to make, but actually, they are not," Gray said. While most would offer a quick laugh and a subject change, others expressed genuine disbelief or total confusion.

As "Dream Daddy" eventually came together, it was a huge relief for Gray to have video game playtesters and sensitivity readers provide highly positive feedback.

We trade stories about our daughters, and get onto the subject of how rough – and lonely – being a single dad can be. What you choose to say determines how other characters will perceive you, and how close of a relationship can be built.He hasn't been to a live show since before his daughter was born, when '80s prog rock, pet rocks and mullets were cool.When the show begins, I'm mobbed by kids moshing to the music (played by the real Canadian band PUP).Your character, a fully customizable hot dad with an 18-year-old daughter named Amanda, moves into a cul-de-sac with other hot dads.The goal is to win the digital affection of your favorite one.

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