Dara and g dragon dating

BINABASA MO ANG Random 2NE1 is a four member South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. GD added that "she" must be understood what he meant there. Han Byul and Dara are still best friends long since Han Byul was still a member of YG. Dara once bought GD a gift when she just got back from Philippines, which is broken white t-shirt designed with a kind of batik pattern.

The name, pronounced to anyone or twenty one, combines the phrases "21st century" and "new evolution. So it's not strange if they (Han Byul and Se7en Dara and GD) secretly do double date some times. GD was seen wearing it several times, even for one of his music video, Breathe.

Although G-Dragon has stated that he will neither confirm nor deny the rumors, a close friend of his, Taeyang, said “ 2.

The first picture features both G-Dragon and Kiko taking a picture while the second shows G-Dragon holding Kiko by the waist, showing how intimate they have grown with one another. G-dragon’s birthday in Tokyo G-Dragon held his birthday party in Tokyo last August, and Kiko was one of his guests.

A picture uploaded by Yoon, Japanese rapper Verbal‘s wife and long time friend to G-Dragon, shows the many people who attended the party.

im like a g-dragon expert and i know that he's not gayy..

On multiple occasions the duo was seen together on what appear to be dates.

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