Dark triad dating

I also learned how to influence behavior using socially accepted patterns.These patterns are used every day by most people, but the fact I consciously know these patterns and can influence them could be described as manipulative.I believe this because we took psychological exams when going through the custody battle/divorce, and I had a Doctor testify that while I was narcissistic, it was a trait that likely helped me be a good business leader and entrepreneur. high was not the issue, but how someone with a high narcissistic rating used their personality in society.

As I learned NLP and social patterns, I learned to be very observant of people, specifically women.

The argument can even be made that narcissists possess qualities that others find desirable, such as being more physically attractive, charming, conscientious, and achievement-oriented.

They also suggest that narcissism should be seen as distinct from the other, which they renamed the “Malicious Two.” However, other studies suggest that over time, the initial glow of the narcissist’s bright qualities does tend to fade.” Did you pick that up? One key concept in teaching dating strategies is to have the mental frame of “I am the prize.” This is nothing more that placing yourself ahead of others, and seeing yourself with more value – a very narcissistic thing to do.

As I learned the true nature of women, I removed the pedestal that I (and most of society) had placed them on, I began to lack empathy, remorse or guilt.

The more I saw women manipulate men, and crush nice guys for no real reason, the less concerned with their feelings about my views I became.

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