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So it’s absolutely no surprise that black men choose white women or vice versa.

If you’ve always been attracted by people of other races you have a million opportunities.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century with a lot of interracial dating sites available.

These sites are designed to bring people living in opposite corners of the world together.

A global reach of the Internet has brought the interracial dating on a new level.

Nobody is surprised when a white man from America has an African wife or an Asian man dates a girl from England.

Keep on reading to find more interesting facts about the phenomenon of biracial dating and the work of interracial dating agencies.

Generally speaking, most existing dating apps and websites allow looking for foreign partners.

It took many uncomfortable dinner table conversations and phone calls for us to experience that moment where everything clicked.

It wasn’t that she’d actively thought that I was making things up, but passively, she’d had the reaction to my reality that many white people have. Dating, sleeping with, marrying or giving birth to a person of a different race than you doesn’t absolve you of racism.

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