Dating and emotionally unavailable men

Deep down, we all have our issues, and you have a theory about why you are the way you are if you are really honest with yourself. Understanding where the problem originated will help you solve the problem.

Come up with two or three simple behaviors you will start doing to become more present and engaged. Don’t just change to keep a partner happy; change because you and whoever you are with both deserve better.

I get that it can take time to open up at first, and a lot of men have fallen prey to toxic masculinity’s lie that men shouldn’t have feelings. Working towards completely opposite goals is just not sustainable and I’m done sticking around to find out how long we can wrestle with each other.If you’re an emotionally unavailable guy, it means that your partners often feel frustrated and may even nag you, asking you to be more present or engage more emotionally.The main reason unavailable men should try to change is not even for the other person: it’s for themselves, too.Repeatedly hearing criticism about your personality is upsetting and probably annoying, and your unavailability becomes an ongoing source of conflict in your relationships.No one truly wants conflict or tension, so one reason to become more emotionally available is to reduce the drama in your personal life and have more peace.

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