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While some media outlets referred to him as the “Hollywood Ripper”, prosecutors dubbed him the “Boy Next Door Killer”.Kutcher, who in 2001 was a rising star of That ’70s Show, testified that he and Ashley were just getting to know each other and had made plans to go out for drinks.Even if Madison Avenue takes more risks nowadays, one of their past failings was sometimes using racial stereotypes.It may be hard to believe Kutcher did such a thing once in his now 20-year career.When you think of buying a bag of Pop Chips, you probably don’t think about comedy or even Ashton Kutcher either.In truth, Kutcher is the “President of Pop Culture” for the Popchips brand.Those wishing to use the site's messaging system (the only way to communicate) must purchase credits to do so.

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As powerful as he already was as a celebrity then, he maybe wasn’t quite as wealthy as he is now after many of his smart investments.A native of the Chicago area who moved to Los Angeles in the late 90s, Gargiulo had acting aspirations and worked as an air conditioning repairman and Hollywood nightclub bouncer at the time of the attacks.With little physical evidence tying him to the scenes of the two killings, prosecutors urged jurors to look at the cases together, citing uncannily similar patterns in home-invasion attacks that were in places near where he stayed at the time.Everybody else also called it out as a racist slant.Criticism became so intense, Popchips removed the ad from their online marketing campaign.

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