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You may try to address these feelings by eating or drinking too much.

You might start gambling, buying things you don’t need, watching endless hours of television, or even sleeping too much.

Psychologist John Eastwood (University of Toronto) discusses boredom in terms of attention.

A bored person, he claims, doesn’t choose to have ‘nothing to do’.

There isn’t a lot of sympathy for those who are affected by this state of mind.

If you say you are bored, there is often an outpouring of advice about activities you should do.

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Dating should always be fun, you find yourself on yourself and others.Memories can take you back to a time when you felt vigorous and alive, and life in general had more meaning.This may be a good time to organize old photos and mementoes.You are told to get a part time job, volunteer, find a hobby, exercise, or change yourself in some way.But that is a shallow approach, and doesn’t help at all.

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