Dating british made stanley planes

We should add that this website is in no way affiliated with Record Tools, and we don't wish to infringe on any trade marks whatsoever.We're just fans of some of the best tools to come out of Britain in the past 75 years.The Stanley #78 is a plane I have kept turning to for 50 years because of its versatility, compactness and reliable neatness.

My perception of condition is conservative and hopefully you will be pleased with receiving an item that will be better than your expectations.Two makers I know have made this plane with only one difference and that is adding an extra bar to make twin bar rigidity to the fence.In actuality this makes little or no difference to functionality unless you are prone to overly bulldogging the plane to the wood and break the fence itself.As a bevel-down plane pattern type it is generally used by joiners and furniture makers for forming the occasional rebate and especially for cleaning up machine marks from spindle moulders before finish is applied.As a boy every rebate was cleaned up using one kind of rebate plane or another and this was the one I bought and used.

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