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In fact, any situation may be classified as drama as long as you are not 100% certain that it is real.Even if the drama is real, it is much more harmful to your chances to score with her to play along with her “fake” drama than to not play along with her REAL drama. You may even bust her balls by framing her as being a spoiled brat. You may be tempted to use powerful words to put her down. You may end up with a bigger problem if you insult her unknowingly.In a "dramatic" situation, it usually appears that a certain situation has repeated itself. Yet, when in the throes of relationship drama, we rarely recognize that our own behaviors are, actually, dramatic. So for instance, that person might think, "They just can't pick up anything after themselves! " Or, perhaps the feeling lies more along the lines of, "They just don't respect me, they leave their dirty socks all over! "I believe that dirty socks on the floor mean I'm not respected".As an example, you might leave your dirty socks on the floor every day, and your partner takes them to the laundry hamper. Using the example above with the dirty socks, the person yelling about the socks would have needed to check their own feelings, and why the socks actually matter so much to them that it warrants a public outburst. To avoid drama, then, the upset partner would need to stop and figure out in the moment why the socks really bother them. Of course, if you look at it, this belief just isn't true - we've just made it so.

In this situation, it might mean changing the belief to something else, ("Dirty socks are just dirty socks") and then, taking action on that. Might just mean doing nothing, and leaving the socks where they are.(2621 Views) 5 Sure Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating.../ 5 Sure Signs He’s Losing Interest In The Relationship / How To Know The Nigerian Man You're Dating Is Not Ready For Marriage (2) (3) (4) Oh dramas!!Maybe you first heard the term on a dating profile, "This is a drama-free zone!" or, "I have zero tolerance for relationship drama".

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