Dating female prisoners in wisconsin

If you wish to find out more about any inmate you correspond with, you should contact the state department of corrections or prisons where the inmate is incarcerated and get the information from them.

Many states have websites with inmate information posted for public viewing.

Prison is a lonely and harsh place, many of these women inmates are cut off from family, friends and the outside world.

Many female inmates lose relationships due to their incarceration and are looking for correspondence, new friends, companionship and sometimes even romance.

You can make a difference in someone's life, and possibly change their future, with your letters of encouragement.

There is no charge to write to Paper Doll participants.

Female inmates seeking pen pals oftentimes need a friend they can talk to.

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It gives these women prisoners a life line to the outside world and shows they are truly not forgotten.It shows that someone cares and they are not forgotten.Receiving letters or emails from pen pals can be the highlight of their day while providing much needed moral support. Having a Pen Pal means a lot for these incarcerated women. Explore our listings of female inmates seeking Pen Pals.

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