Dating girl with std

As another example, a large % of the population already has genital herpes.The majority of them never show symptoms in their lifetime and most of the rest show insignificant symptoms that would hardly damage a person's life at all.And yet there is already a very good chance that you have it and don't even know!Every time you get on a motorbike and drive through Phuket for 15 minutes you are putting yourself in much greater danger than banging some Thai girl, condom or not.If you are nervous she has an STD, should you really be dating her? I understand up in the northeast, Issan ladies, and Chang Mai/ Chang Rai, the rate is higher then normal.

Avoid oral sex if you are prone to mouth sores or bleeding. (cheap at the Thai Red Cross clinic near Lumpini.)Hm... well, STD's aren't actually what should be in your radar as much as unwanted pregnancy.

I fully admit my ignorance and this seemed like a good place to ask. They are taught as an absolute, binary "big risk" without ever talking about specific transmission numbers.

HIV is higher than in the US due to a general lack of awareness regarding safe sex up until the 90s when a big public relations campaign changed attitudes. New infection rate is slightly lower in Thailand than the US now.

The pictures you were shown are extremely misleading and are of the worst case scenarios (often in people that are immunocompromised). Your chances of getting HIV in an unprotected encounter as a man having unprotected vaginal sex is in the ballpark of 1/2000 (that number might be 1/1000 according to some sources and 1/4000 according to others).

If you sleep with a random Thai girl and there is a few percent chance she has it, you quickly get to a point where the risk of acquiring HIV is extremely small.

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