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Fears sparked by the film were stoked earlier this month when video emerged of Jewish visitors praying in a shrine said to be the burial place of Moses' brother Aaron, located near Petra.

Jordan shuttered the site upon discovery of the videos and ordered an investigation into the incident, according to the official Jordanian news agency Petra.

Israel's Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the controversy surrounding the film.

While there is ample archaeological evidence of a Jewish presence in Jordan, only an extreme-right fringe of Israeli society seeks both banks of the Jordan River as part of Israel.

Last year, Jordan's King Abdullah II decided not to renew parts of the peace deal regarding access to farming land.

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A fictional caper about an antiquities heist set Petra has stirred widespread outrage over the film’s portrayal of historical Jewish ties to Jordan, shining a light on the tenuous peace with neighboring Israel and prompting the government to suspend the movie’s production.

He rejected criticism that it invites Israeli territorial claims."Many civilizations passed through historical Jordan.

You don't see them now returning to claim parts of the country because they were here once in the past," he said.

An overwhelming majority of Israelis make no claim to Jordanian land and place high value on the peace accord.

Ordinary Jordanians — many of whom are Palestinian refugees or have ties to Palestinians — view Israel with animosity.

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