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If you want to explore online dating without having to pay pricey membership fees, Casual Kiss may be the ideal choice for you.This matchmaking site is completely free so you can enjoy all of its features.A thought-provoking feature on Casual Kiss is a Purity Test which is a survey that consists of sexually explicit statements and you have to check the box if the statement is true.When you are finished, you have the option of posting the results of your Purity test to your profile or keep them private.

At the end there is an inkblot and you can say what the image looks like to you.

Your personal ad can include any information that will give users a sense of who you are such as your hobbies, interests, details about your life and the person you are interested in meeting.

You can also upload a profile photo of your face so others know the real you.

The key to finding a match is to create a great profile that will appeal to users.

Your first step is to fill in the Personal Stats section which asks you about your roots (ethnicity), your soul (religion), insight (education) and your longitude (height).

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