Dating husbands best friend

He didn’t have to try too hard; it just came to him.

Women were also easily drawn to him; it was as if he were a lady magnet. Being tall, tan, and with a great body fetched him a lot of attention from women all over.

Soon, he began losing interest in me and would say I was being ‘a prim school teacher.’ 2.

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At times, I did have to snub him, which I did with great poise.

He sure was making advances at me, he was hitting on me, and I was uncomfortable.

A woman enjoys attention only up to a point where she is comfortable.

Because he instantly put me at ease, made me feel like I was his best friend. Putting his arm around me, gently touching my cheeks, playing with my hair were things he did even in front of my husband. The constant staring, the messaging, speaking in riddles, and trying to touch me and get close to me confirmed my doubts that, yes, my husband’s best friend is hitting on me.

Got me into conversations I thoroughly enjoyed, and made me giggle like a schoolgirl. Women usually like the type, and I was no exception. One morning, he showed up at my house unannounced while my husband was away and stayed over for lunch by inviting himself.

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