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Each man takes a turn reading the selection to their wives and the audience votes for a winner.Provide the winner with a certificate for “The Most Romantic Man of the Year” with your party date and place.Give a prize if you wish to the person who gets the most couples right.Number the hearts on the back and keep a list of the corresponding couple’s names to provide the answers.Use the following categories or come up with some of your own:“I am looking for the couple who . Ask couples to turn in photos of them when they were either babies or very young prior to the party. Paste the couple’s pictures together, attach them to construction paper hearts, and hang them on the tree with colorful ribbon.At the party, have everyone guess who the couples are.

Place apples, donuts, cookies with holes, or large soft pretzels on 2 foot strings.When this familiar game is played with couples, choose categories that relate to their relationships and experience.Choose simple things to keep the game short, more complicated things for a longer game.Write the words telling what is to be drawn on pieces of paper ahead of time, with one on each piece of paper.Each team picks individuals to draw, with each person taking a turn, alternating between teams.

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