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Type BSTR Default Null Related to SCCVW_COPY (Outside In Viewer) Read only.

This property contains the size of the data produced in the copy buffer as a result of a call to the Copy method (see Section A.3.11, "Copy").

Note: This option supersedes the Fallback Format option for selecting the character set assumed for plain-text files.When all other means of determining the file's character set are exhausted, Outside In will assume that an input document is encoded in the character set specified by this option.This is most often used when reading plain-text files, but may also be used when reading HTML or PDF files.The page number is available when the word processing display engine is in preview mode, and not available when it is in draft or normal mode.For other formats such as spreadsheets, presentations, and multi-page images, the page number is equivalent to the number of the current sheet, slide, or image.

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