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They’re beauty, they’re grace, so go ahead, take a few minutes to see what some of Miss USA’s most memorable title winners are up to today.

Ali Landry represented Louisiana at the 1996 Miss USA pageant, where she won and took home the crown. She was quickly casted in series like Sunset Beach, the Clueless TV series and The Bold and the Beautiful throughout the late ’90s.

The Miss USA winner gets to take home a crown, live in a luxury New York City apartment, a personal stylist, free travel opportunities and a cash prize.

Of course, it is much more than just the cool stuff (which we admit is making us tempted to try out for the pageant ourselves).

Shortly before her win, she had graduated from the Central Connecticut University with a degree in finance and a minor in criminal justice.

This win was her second time competing in Miss USA, the previous year she was close, and won 1st runner-up.

When Miss America began, it was seen merely as a “bathing beauty revue,” held simply as a way to attract tourists to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Later on, it became about more than just looks, and a talent and interview section were added.

That said, we all are well-aware of the negative stereotypes included in beauty pageants (and come on, who hasn’t seen Miss Congeniality.) Both Miss USA and Miss America have certainly received their fair share of criticism over the years.

Shandi Finnessey was the first Missourian to win the Miss USA pageant, in 2004.

Before her win, she wrote an award-winning children’s book titled The Furtails, which celebrated children’s individual and aimed to integrate those with disabilities into the classroom.

Ali met actor Mario Lopez while he was presenting the Miss USA 1998 pageant and she was a commentator. However, the marriage was annulled two weeks later, allegedly after Mario was unfaithful to Ali during his bachelor’s party.

In 2006, she married current husband, film director Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, and the couple have 3 children.

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