Dating mating and relating

Maybe we think we’ve never been good at this stuff.Maybe there’s a long, awful track record of heartache and pain.

And we’re afraid the landscape has changed in ways we don’t understand.Even though you don’t need the census bureau to tell you there are scads of single women and men (of all preferences btw) still longing for love, let’s start with some facts: Chances of staying married 20 years or longer is still about 50/50 for both genders. It means if you’re single at age 35 and beyond, the available pool is back to what it was in our early to mid-20’s!No wonder there’s a boom in baby boomer dating, mating, and relating!And there’s a plethora of advice about how to go about it. It means people could use some help finding, keeping, and relating to a mate! That’s why coaching in this area is a five phase process including: Preparation, Attraction, Connection, Evaluation, and Relationship.If you are ready to actually be in a relationship with someone who can be a partner in life, I am here to help!

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