Dating my bc rich

The Warlock's BDSM pickups, brass bridge and weight give it a tone that rivals that of some of BC Rich's higher-end guitars, although there are some minor construction issues that are a slight cause for concern.The first thing you notice about this guitar is that the ever-popular Warlock shape has been adorned with a laser-cut chrome plate, in the shape of an exhaust flame (as the name suggests). I have an nj series warlock i got in a trade, which has become my. I have a blood red thru the neck BC RICH that has no serial number that I I've had a BC Rich Platinum ST model electric guitar in my. These guitars were all Basswood with a maple neck and Rosewood. Rich neck-through guitars is relatively easy, although.

Stealth Bomber Also in the Stealth was introduced, a guitar basically designed by Rick Derringer. The Virgin was sort of a hybrid with a Warlock upper bout and a bell-shaped rounded lower bout designed by Class Axe in conjuction with Moser. Plate at base of neck is printed: L A California U.

I take no responsibility for it's accuracy, but I presume it's all correct (to the best of my knowledge). See section titled "IMPORT SERIAL DATING INFO " on how to ID these ..

Rico guitars was impounded by customs awaiting a decision.

All imports carry an additional modifier such as N.

Series or Platinum which idicate they are made offshore.

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