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But, unfortunately, the great majority of the right rev.

Bench is on this question in opposition to the majority of lay Peers, and the Bill was rejected because 16 right rev. It is, and always has been, an uphill struggle for the supporters of this Bill, owing to the fact that there is invariably cast into the scale against them the votes and influence of the Spiritual Peerage. Bench is not unanimous, there are at this moment only two right rev. They are very strongly in its favour; but every one of their right rev.

But I think that this striking difference of opinion in regard to a most important point on the part of two such eminent opponents of this measure ought not to be forgotten by your Lordships.

I may also remind the House that last year the Bill was only rejected by a very narrow majority in a very large division. There was, in fact, an actual majority of 12 lay Peers in its favour.

The experience of our Colonies during the last 10 years is an additional guarantee.

But, if that be not sufficient, let us look at the United States of America, in nearly all of which marriage with a deceased wife's sister has been lawful from the beginning.

They have been unusually active during the past year.Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that a vague feeling exists that the object of this Bill must be wrong, and many people decline even to examine the question; simply because so many right rev. I said I would not trouble the House with any repetition of the well-known argu- 146 ments in favour of this Bill, and I have no intention of doing so.I believe your Lordships already know them so well that you will prefer to hear from the noble and learned Earl what can be said against them.As regards the United Kingdom, this is, perhaps, not quite accurate, for the law in Scotland is doubtful.The Act of 1835 did not apply to Scotland; and the highest living authority, Lord Fraser, is of opinion that if a case were now tried in Scotland, it would probably be found that marriage with a deceased wife's sister is at this moment legal there.

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