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"The discovery is significant because almost all pre-Clovis sites have stone tools, but spear points have yet to be found. Friedkin site, Texas—Implications for the Late Pleistocene peopling of the Americas .

These points were found under a layer with Clovis and Folsom projectile points. A good place to camp 13,000 years ago might have been a good spot 15 or 18K years ago too, or even farther back.

Texas A&M University researchers have discovered what are believed to be the oldest weapons ever found in North America: ancient spear points that are 15,500 years old.

The findings raise new questions about the settlement of early peoples on the continent.

Modern people have even experimented with it for use in surgical scalpels.

“But it is rarely found in Europe and Western Asia, with the notable exception of Armenia.

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These tools circulated through an exchange route that predate by millennia the oldest known formal trade activity.

Investment aside, no historical collection should be without representative tools of our ancestors.

To hold a prehistoric stone tool in your hand is an awe-inspiring experience when one realizes that a primitive human personally created the tool specifically for their own needs and held that same tool in their hand, relying upon its use for their very survival.

Spear points made of chert and other tools were discovered under several feet of sediment that dating revealed to be 15,500 years old, and pre-date Clovis, who for decades were believed to be the first people to enter the Americas.

"There is no doubt these weapons were used for hunting game in the area at that time," Waters said.

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