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Rumors from the '60s about a buried treasure from Sir Francis Drake gave the place its name, but no treasure was ever found. Park at the end of Cave Landing Road and look for the sign directing you to either the beach or the pirate cave.

Go the cave route for the best views, but note that the trail is kind of sketchy so be cautious when navigating your course.

For dinner, I recommend local favorites Rimel’s Rotisserie for the best chicken bowl of your life or the legendary Verde El Ranchero for savory fish tacos and margaritas.

Despite its numerous rocky caves perfect for smuggling contraband (or, more likely these days, getting ass-naked), Pirate's Cove doesn't actually have much of a piracy connection.

Once on the beach, you’ll notice it isn’t like the raucous Blacks Beach experience; it’s an older, mellower crowd.

Plan your day around the low tide, because sand is at a premium once the higher tides hit.

So, we're telling you where to look: here are all the best beaches to bare your ass in California, how to get to them, and everything you need to know once you're there.

Just keep your clothes on until you're sure you're in the right place.

You'll see a gate with a private property notice; stay away from that, and follow the pedestrian access to the left, heading for the grove of eucalyptus trees to follow the path to nudity.When going nude on California's beaches, there's often a wide chasm between expectation and reality -- but that's more of a "nude beach" thing than a California thing.You can't just drop trou and get an all-over tan at any old stretch of Golden State shoreline, and the select beaches where California does allow nude sunbathing are mostly (and not-so-coincidentally) in hard-to-reach and obscure locations.Red Rock beach ranks right up there as one of the Bay Area’s favorite local nude beaches, but not because it’s a quiet place with old folks.No, this beach is a naked fun zone; you’ve haven’t lived until you’ve climbed rocks or played frisbee games with all your bits swinging around like some '60s hippie.

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