Dating rich men sites

Premium members can use the live chat to talk to Millionaire Match counselors, chatting (instant messaging), start a conversation with another user, and see if other users read the e-mails they have sent.They can view how often a given user checks responds to private messages—so that that have a good idea of whether or not their messages will go unread—and view those users who have been responding positively to their profiles.Premium members can use advanced-search options, as well as have their profiles show up at the top of search results.Advanced-search functionalities enable the rich men and women of the site to search profiles so that they can find those members whose personal criteria fit their preferences exactly.Both gold memberships and certified-millionaire memberships are likely to be owned by male members.As with other dating sites, users look through the profiles of other users, to find someone who matches the criteria that they’re looking for.

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The website also offers various features that members can use to meet each other and potentially find their perfect millionaire mate.The site presents itself as being intended for a specific kind of clientele: that of millionaires, or very rich men and women more generally. Paid membership to the website costs between 40 to 70 dollars per month, and includes the ability to start conversations, have conversations with any user, and upload as many photos as you like to the websites.Free membership is also a possibility; this includes the ability to view profiles and upload up to 26 photos in your own album.However, free members have the ability to reply to conversations that other users start with them—so if a user has an attractive profile, they can find a good millionaire mate without needing to pay a cent.It’s a lot easier to find a mate if you pay for a membership, however.

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