Dating sabbatical

Be sure to catch a break from the online dating community and just take it slow in your love life.

Eventually the flame inside you will rekindle, and you can go about the online dating scene with more energy and confidence.

In the long run, taking a break from online dating gives you the energy to find yourself and heal emotionally if you’ve suffered a recent problem or loss.

Taking an online dating sabbatical is the perfect solution sometimes.

It’s time well spent, but nevertheless time that you cannot spend on other things in life. Then it might be a good moment to step out of online dating for a break.

She is currently writing her third book of the Dating SABBATICAL® series.

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Kimberley Olivia Cardina is an Author and Speaker that is passionate about assisting others in their own personal journey of understanding who they are.

You know that old adage that it’ll happen when you’re not looking—with “it,” of course, referring to finding your soul mate?

Well, maybe that’s rings conveniently true for some people (anyone? ), but if you’ve ever made the conscious choice to opt out of dating for any period of time, you probably chalk it up to a bunch of B. Take it from me: After being totally fed up with the general ickiness of the dating pool, I put myself on a self-imposed sabbatical from it more than a year ago—and blissfully single I remain.

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