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Because it’s a professional service that requires high quality customer service.

You get what you pay for in this world, if you want a decent product then you need to pay good money for it.

Some western men are amazed at how popular they are at the site, by the number of responses they receive, and the quality of women they date consequently. Many Thai women on the site are just ordinary college girls, work women, office ladies, etc. But they are praised by some Thai Friendly users as being cute, lovely, and easy to chat and date. But if you want to get good results, you may need to upgrade to be a paid member.

As a paid member, you can message other members as often as you want (not limited to 1 message every 10 minutes restriction of free members), and your profile will be listed before free members on searches. The most significant advantage is that you may find yourself suddenly become much more attractive to Thai ladies on the site, after you upgrade your membership. Some members report 20 to 30 times more responses after the upgrade.

You can quite honestly sit at home in your underwear… There seems to be a lot of normal looking “next door” type girls. You get a much younger age range here, but still some top quality women for the most part. Much smaller user base but still worth checking out, especially if you like the women are slightly older, more experienced and in need of a good seeing to from a young buck like yourself.

To maximize the chance to meet the women they may fall in love with, many western men choose to be paid members.

Anyway, the subscription cost is small, if you consider the overall resources you devote, such as time, emotion, energy, and money like travel expense, to find your true love.

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