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“There are some other important signals that women often give, but most men don’t understand any of these,” says Anna, the gorgeous Latvian lady, “The most classic signal of flirting is touching her hair when you are around.No matter she is playing with her hair or flipping her hair, that usually means she is interested in you.This is the conclusion reached by British journalist Damien Mc Guinness of BBC News, who conducted a study on why Latvian women cannot find a suitable husband.It is a fact that the weaker sex has survived the transition to independence and capitalism more easily: women are more educated, better adapted to work and less likely to die young.For instance, when you are at a party and a Latvian girl says, “Shall we go outside for some fresh air?The house is a bit stuffy.” That usually means she is interested in you, so she wants to create opportunities for you two to be together alone.The change in the system in Latvia was more easily experienced by Latvian women.Men are depressed, often die young and do not want to get married.

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That means she wants you to initiate a conversation with her.

It is a fact that girls in Latvia are not interested in communicating with local guys: they are less educated, not energetic, but too spoiled by women's attention, and do not even like it.

A man can sit in front of his computer for days, or lie in front of the television, while being sure that he can easily get in touch with a charming and attractive young woman, as soon as it is necessary.

Another classic signal is she laughs much more than others when you talk – that oftentimes means she is attracted to you.” Anna also claims that if a Latvian beauty’s feet are pointing at you while she is sitting down, that means she is thinking about you, so her body language shows this attraction unconsciously.* 1.

If she starts to ignore her friends and give you more attention at the party, that only means she likes you a lot, because most women wouldn’t ditch their friends for a guy that they don’t know well. You can further test a Latvia woman by touching her in a subtle way (e.g. If she holds eye contact for much longer than most people, that is definitely a green light, because most people wouldn’t maintain eye contact for too long with someone they have just met.

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