Dating sites for 20 year olds

Loads of people find their spouse on the internet these days, don't feel ashamed in trying to find someone for yourself. The Site I use to go on was called OKCupid; actually for a site it was great because it was free and it didn't charge you for messages like Zoosk or other such crap.

Sorry for the slightly egocentric post -hope it helped somewhat. Anyway, on there, people were posing as 18 to get on but were actually 16/17 (not that I saw any of those in particular, I'd just like to clear my own back, but on the news bit of it such was said), and there were plenty of 20/21 year olds.

And if your going to message a girl, read her profile first.

Anyway I did meet some really lovely people, and it did help me to become more confident in how I look and how I approached people.Also you have to compete with all these nauseatingly good profiles and handsome pictures of guys. In the end she wore high heels and was shorter than me and I'm 5ft 7 and she ended up liking me over my friend which I felt bad about. It is well known that girls have the choice of whoever they want to go out with but in real life that is limited by the size of their social circle (so they would only have say 5 guys to choose from).Yep they all look like male models and are surgeons and spend their holidays in Uganda caring for sick orphans etc. But online dating is free so you got nothing to lose... If you're an average looking girl you'll get bombarded with messages from guys unable to get attractive girls. Online however, they have the choice of thousands of guys so just like monetary inflation the 'value' of each guy goes down i.e their interest is not worth as much to the female because they have so much other choice.For example on Ok Cupid it tells you how frequently somebody responds for messages.For girls, it is almost always 'very selectively' whilst for guys its the complete opposite.

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