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Shopsin's restaurant is in New York, some of you might be familiar with it but I wasn't. I still feel and always will feel that I am just a good cook.It is a low budget documentary about the life and philosophies of Kenny Shopsin, one of the coolest, most down to earth, intelligent and abrasive restauranteurs I've had the pleasure of watching. It now seems food has taken a backseat to bullshit and just cooking great food is the least important part of our career. Watching that movie made feel good for a brief instant knowing there is a person like Kenny in the world. A six top walk in and he says " No fucking six tops, get out!Another great statement was "People seem to think we have some other obligation other than to open our doors and cook for them" "Fuck them, I work twice as hard as they do" He's brilliant in his observations. " I can't really relay how sincere this man is, but the core of him is his work ethic. All the people everyone thinks of as "good"people are also pieces shit.The main point being is that there is you(cooking) and the customer. You've given the customer nothing and you've failed in your job. Fuck our white coats and our "look at my custom made Bonnet cooking suite" bullshit. Constantly telling yourself you're a good person is like driving a brand new car without a scratch on it, it's an enormous responsibility that is almost impossible to live up to.While on an adventure with the Doctor, she meets a couple of the Doctor's past selves and manages to profoundly impact the Doctor's fateful decision that ended the Time War, and eventually witnesses the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration into the Twelfth.Clara spends some time grappling with losing the Doctor she knew and fell in love with throughout the events of Recap/Doctor Who S34E7Kill The Moon "Kill the Moon", until a call from the Eleventh Doctor prior to his regeneration convinces her to stay by his side and help him adjust to his new persona.It is straight from the trenches and almost made me want to say fuck "high cuisine". It took me back to the days when we weren't rock stars or celebrities, we were cooks. Playing the network who you know/how you look game is what it's all about now. I will probably die broke because I don't prescribe to that shit. I know I should be grateful but it's hard when you just like to cook. " When the customer explained there was no-one else in there he pointed out .." No..

She won her first WTA title this year and has won 5 singles ITF titles in her career. She is considered one of the best female strikers out there and went totally undefeated as an amateur.

“She is, as I would say about most of the women who I’m close friends with or had relationships in my life, one of the smartest, strongest people I’ve ever met,” Gyllenhaal, 35, told PEOPLE and EW editorial director Jess Cagle during the latest episode of .

“A massive talent, and a really brilliant and sometimes confusing human,” Gyllenhaal said when asked how he thinks of Hathaway.“She’s one of the most adventurous people I’ve ever met.

He was just about to make her a companion when she was mortally wounded.

She later returned as a young barmaid and governess named Clara Oswin Oswald who the Doctor met in 1892, in " She didn't know the first thing about hacking or time travel, had only contacted the Doctor on the recommendation of "the lady in the shop" she'd called for tech support, and initially thought the Doctor just wanted to trick her into entering his "snog box." Despite these misgivings, the Doctor convinced this Clara to become his companion, and set out to discover how "The Impossible Girl" could have lived three completely different lives...

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