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Two people falling in love is always a nice thing and seeing how they cross boundary's for that love is even nicer.There's one line that particularly caught my fancy, when her son asks Marisa if she thinks Marshall will miss them."Kissing Jessica Stein" is a romantic comedy about a girl who basically just doesn't know what she wants, but its better than that statement. The relationships explored are real and three-dimensional and every element that moves the story forward is done with subtlety and humour."What we do does not define who we are.What defines us is how well we rise after falling."Marisa Ventura is a struggling single mom who works at a posh Manhattan hotel and dreams of a better life for her and her young son.Many crazy moments in this movie about the crazy love and the fantasy make the movie more exciting."When it comes to love, sometimes she just can't think straight."Jessica Stein is a single, straight, successful, journalist, part of a bonded Jewish family living in New York City, who finds herself not as straight as she thought when Jessica meets and begins an intense friendship with career woman Helen Cooper which ultimately leads to romance.

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The adorable Audrey Tautou launched herself into the American consciousness as the quirky do-gooder waitress who sends her secret crush photos and riddles masking her identity in order to make their first encounter, and first kiss, the most romantic moment of her life. Every frame of this gorgeously photographed film, tinted in hues of red, resembles a magical version of Paris – something that director Jean-Pierre Jeunet intended.

Yes, she gets more than she bargains for and finally gives notice - hence, the title.

In typical Grant style, he spends the rest of the movie trying to get her back.

Sure, his movies follow the same formula, but they are just fun to watch.

The script is funny and fast paced and both are handed good comedy material to sink their teeth into.

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