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She shares this knowledge with her clients and readers of her book, . Three months before my 60th birthday, a relationship fell apart. You have to upgrade parts of yourself so you can meet a man of value who will respect you. Please take a moment to rate and review our show on i Tunes here. Learn how coaching with Sandy can help you fall in love with a partner who meets you on every level.Joan is a certified Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach. Bragar has worked as a management consultant, a teacher of leadership and a coach to people around the world. And since women have historically been reluctant to marry less educated men, that’s a huge quality issue for successful women’s dating opportunities.In recent years women have been adapting (or settling?

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Check out highlights of EP 365: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in the 2nd Half of Life Listen to/download today’s episode below or by clicking here. There was one man I dated for a few months, and I took him to California to meet my coach.

Well, it’s not exactly like that: What, men don’t like successful women?

It’s not that men don’t like successful women, but: they value intelligence and success and nope, never would they be turned off or intimidated by it (a rational stance, BTW).

And deep down most people don’t feel it’s OK for her to earn more (Bertrand, 2013).

That attitude translates into numbers, as statistics show that men tend to marry women who make less (or women marry men who make more if you prefer).

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