Dating the enemy video

Being a stereo soundtrack, there is obviously no use of the surround channels.

The stereo separation, however, is quite good, and the soundfield is decently wide.

Digital advertising executive Jessie Owens plays by her own rules.

After the devastating loss of her mother she's determined to live life to the fullest, so her only rule after meeting sinfully delicious Nick Thornton at a friend's wedding is to get him into bed!

While there are some nice moments involving the interaction of Brett and Tash, the film does feel a little too long, even at only an hour and forty minutes.

The major problem for Dating The Enemy is that its genre has been so well covered that even what is actually a good effort pales into comparison to the many great comedies from the same genre.

The story follows Tash (Claudia Karvan) and Brett (Guy Pearce) who, despite having almost nothing in common, fall for each other at first sight.Still, with an amusing premise, good performances from two very good looking leads, and the patriotic feeling that goes along with watching local product, there are many worse ways to spend an hour and a half.The video transfer presented for Dating The Enemy is of a generally poor quality, exhibiting almost every type of physical artefact that can possibly be captured on disc.For the opening minute or so of the film, there is also a very disturbing "ghosting" that appears almost to be an interlacing artefact, as the people walking by on the street clearly create trails (maybe they're just walking very fast? Fortunately, this disappears once the real action starts, but it is disturbing none the less.Shadow detail is better, although it still falls short of what could be called "good".

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