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I trust my doctor who I'm seeing on Monday but just don't know what to think or feel. Yes, it could work out fine, and yes, it could be a miscarriage coming. If you are very sure of your dates, you really would have expected to have seen a heartbeat by now.If you are less certain, there could still be a possibility of a happy outcome.Some people find miscarrying to be relatively painless and quick, others find it very painful.It can also be very hard to see all the tissue coming out - but some ladies find that it helps to see it go.Make sure you don't forget the emotional aspect, even if you think you are ok. Hi OP, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I had a blighted ovum and a sac that measured 4.5weeks but I didn't start bleeding for at least three weeks later and that bleeding was heavy and lasted for six weeks.At one time I had to go to hospital as the pain got too much.

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If you trust your Dr then go with what you and they think is best.Sending you lots of strength and big hugs Thanks for the responses ladies.It helps to hear about your experiences (despite me wishing that no woman would have to go through miscarriage - being a common occurrence doesn't make it any easier for the woman experiencing it).I'm certain of my dates and suspect that I will end up miscarrying as sad as I am about that.I just keep reminding myself that these things happen for a reason and hope that my next pregnancy runs smoothly.

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