Dating unequally yoked

It’s a call of the separation of church discipline far more than it’s a call of isolating from the lost world for the sake of not being marred by the filth of sin.

But it applicable to say that Christians shouldn’t date an unbeliever?

In , Paul calls on the Corinthians to “open wide your hearts”.

What Ryle is saying is that taking this passage (and 2 Corinthians ) to mean that we need to avoid mixing with the world might not be a mark of holiness but one of laziness.

Personally, I believe you can make some very good arguments from Scripture that it isn’t wise to do such a thing.

Given what marriage means and what our union with Christ means I’m not sure why a believer would want to unite with someone who is not united to Christ.

But let’s not think we’ve fully obeyed 2 Corinthians just because we don’t smoke, chew, curse, or go with girls who do.

Hanna and I talked through so many questions I get from women each and every week about Christian relationships.

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