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The prevalence of porn addiction in today’s society can have negative effects on people’s dating expectations and attitudes.

Wyatt said it’s an unhealthy burden weighing daters down, so Christian Crush offers recorded seminars to inform and inspire anyone suffering from porn addiction.

“I want to help men in that journey and prevent the damage porn addiction can cause,” he said.

“I provide supplemental resources for people who feel they could use some help in that area.” Finally, the third prong of Christian Crush is Wyatt’s marriage counseling programs.

He envisioned his site as a sanctuary for single Christians struggling to date online.

Within six months, one of Wyatt’s friends told him he had met a remarkable woman on the site. Over the next several months, the couple kept in close contact and even flew around the world to meet one another on multiple occasions.

“A majority of people on my site are middle-aged,” Wyatt told us.

“They’re working adults who are tired of the bar scene and want to find someone who has the same values system.” Wyatt characterized Christian Crush as a three-pronged attempt to curb the divorce rate among Christians. The second prong is the Porn Battle seminar, which provides information on how to recover from porn addiction.

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The dating site’s first line of defense against spammers and scammers is a lengthy personality assessment.Whether you need assistance searching for a romantic partner or making your relationship last, Christian Crush empowers people to keep the faith and find happiness.Wyatt’s parents got divorced when he was young, so he knows how important a stable relationship is to the health and happiness of a family.“Against all odds, they struck up this relationship,” Wyatt recalled, “and now they’ve been married five years.It’s amazing to see that happen.” Wyatt told us that first success is still one of his favorite stories because it shows what Christian Crush can do for singles who share the same faith and values.

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