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Finally, it might be helpful for your nephew to read a bit about how his learning disability and potential social skill deficits can affect his relationships and life beyond school.It can be difficult to make the transition from school to the "real world" and navigate new relationships on your own, but there a number of excellent resources and groups that can help.

It may be a good idea for your sister to speak with her son's teachers, as well as school counselors and special educators.There are also sites affiliated with children's products and entertainment, such as Disney's Club Penguin that have online games, chat, and social networking features.Club Penguin is free to join, but advanced features require paid membership, so this may be a consideration.Below, is a list of some of the best apps and software currently available to help adults and teens learn social skills: Another option is to use mobile phones to access short video clips, social scripts, reminders, about conversation skills, to remind them of appropriate social interaction and conversation skills.You may also want to consider using these apps or other multimedia tools or software at home to help reinforce the social skills lessons your son has learned in class.

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