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I have been to Disneyland in Japan before marriage but the experience I had with my princess is one of the most exciting. It is so beautifully planned, known as a biking city, it is perfect for both parents and kids to hang out.

The key mantra that hubby and I follow is we ensure that there’s one day dedicated to Sana’s needs, so we don’t mind including amusement parks, children’s museum or zoo, there’s always a day that is entirely her agenda. She loves to travel and explore different places and cuisines as well. The two places that we definitely would want to take Sana again is Disneyland Paris.

The best part is they bring the family together, hubby and I often say that the travels without Sana are all a limited memory for us but each and every trip we have made with our princess has left us with some good laugh and we still can recall them. Sana’s curiosity and the constant questioning has only helped us learn a lot.

Sometimes, travel can be tiring especially when we traveled to Italy, it was too tiring as it was a summer vacay and too hot since Italy is known for its architecture and endless monuments, we had to take it a bit slow with her.

I am also a certified western dancer, I used to teach Jazz, Salsa, and Cardio dance. Besides, I love to network and meet people, travel and am a complete shopaholic, accessories first, clothes later sort of person.

Well, I would like to believe that I’m always young at heart though I just turned 34 years on Feb 23, she was our 3rd-anniversary gift.

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