Demi and taylor lautner dating older and bolder dating

Looks like there's a new number one #Team Jacob fan in town.

Taylor Lautner went Instagram official with his new romantic interest this weekend as he and his girlfriend dressed up as members of the Tune Squad from .

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Yes, you heard us right, who would have ever thought that the words ‘Taylor Lautner’ and ‘Fat’ would be used in the same sentence. Anyway, we are not here to body shame today, the extra pounds did not disfigure the star, he still looks as hot as ever.Basically, the fat that had eventually turned into muscle stayed fat.You have to give it to him though, calling Taylor Lautner fat, is as senseless as complimenting a Buddhist monk on his luscious curls.On June 8, Tay posted a photo of herself wearing a shirt that said "Darlin'" on it and she captioned it, "Missing my Darlin" and tagged Lautner.Tay also seems to know Lautner's sister, Makena Lautner.

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