Desktop dating spam

Bear in mind that these emails will be filed under Spam so you'll still be able to see them if you check your Spam folder regularly.If you want to to automatically delete emails from a particular sender you can do this. $/;function Si(a) ;function Ti(a) function Ui(a) function Yi(a) r.uc=function();window.sc_init Selects=function();function $i(a) ;function aj(a) C(aj,$i);aj.prototype. a.ka&&"undefined"==typeof XMLHttp Request&&"undefined"! La=function();function oj(a) ;function pj() pj.prototype.ha=null;var qj;function rj() C(rj,pj);rj.prototype.o=function();rj.prototype.w=ea(8);function sj(a){if(! The email will still exist but you won't be able to find it easily.Alternatively, select 'Delete it', and the email will be moved to your Deleted Items folder and will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

In the box that pops up, click 'Create filter with this search' on the bottom-right, then select 'Skip the inbox (Archive it)'.

On the web, click on an email from the sender you want to block.

Click on the three dots at the bottom of the email and select Block. This will send future email from this sender to your Spam folder.

Alternatively, click on the More button at the top of the email and select 'Filter emails like this'.

In the box that pops up, click on the dropdown list next to 'Then move the message to this folder' and select Trash. This will send all emails from the sender to your Trash folder. Click on the Cogwheel icon on the bottom left and click on 'Add a Rule'.

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