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stands as a powerful childhood introduction to the complex realities of death, and the need to let go of loved ones — even if, to echo those swoon-worthy four words, we keep their memories with us forever. One of the producers of the hit 1995 film, Jennifer Todd, revealed at the film’s 20th anniversary screening in Santa Monica on Friday that Birch, Ricci, Ashleigh Aston Moore and Gaby Hoffman had somewhat of a bet as to who would “get with” Sawa while they were filming the movie, reports. Todd noted that she got out in front of the other girls and they “weren’t happy about it.” While Sawa politely replied “no comment” to the question, he did say that he “was the only 15-year-old boy with the cast of the hottest young girls in town, so it was a lot of fun.” Birch went on to reveal that the movie’s squadron of four leading ladies were close, as they “were really good at fighting” with one another.focus on the detached quality of some of the performances, a criticism I suspect stems from its status as an early pioneer in computer animation, which actuallyholds up amazingly well.The movie has become such a ubiquitous element of a 1990s childhood that it’s easy to forget it was once a novelty.This really was my childhood…I had some best friends, we did séances in the graveyard, we loved a good mystery …And my parents were also getting divorced at that time. Human Casper died from playing outside on his sled for too long, and his father was so heartbroken that he spent his life savings constructing a machine to bring his dead son back to life. We’re seeing the robbed potential of a life cut short, a young man whose smirks could make hearts flutter, and who can pull off lines like “I told you I was a good dancer.” His mother’s white lace dress, which Kat wears as a costume, is a reminder of the wedding he’ll never get to have, and which her mother will never get to attend. Harvey is learning to let go of his own dashed hopes and expectations, of a long life lived with his beloved wife by his side.James Horner’s hauntingly beautiful piano lullaby score evokes just the right amount of nostalgia, the tragic cherry on this melancholy sundae.

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At a 20th anniversary screening at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, Calif. 16, producers Suzanne and Jennifer Todd, writer Marlene King (who now runs a little show you may have heard of: ), stars Thora Birch (Teeny! ) revealed juicy behind-the-scenes secrets that will have fans of the iconic film knocking three times on the ceiling. News was on the scene and compiled 16 of the facts you absolutely have to know, including which of the girls hooked up with Sawa and the role Leonardo Di Caprio almost played...

It’s a perfect follow-up to her role as Wednesday Addams in , released four years earlier — dark and twisty, but with more feelings than a soulless but impeccably braided devil spawn allows for.

Her comedic timing is impeccable, and she delivers lines with a wry humor beyond her years.

Leonardo Di Caprio was supposed to be in the movie: The Oscar nominee was originally set to play the role of the Vietnam War veteran the girls meet on their bike-adventure, but he dropped out at the last minute.

"It was a big deal because we had to get someone on a plane pretty quickly to come down," Todd said.

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