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Vanessa leaves angrily, and Lisa tells Cookie she was a no obligation date anyway and leaves too.Nurse Hunsucker shows up with a glass of Pepto-Bismol, telling Moze to go dance, so she can take care of Ned.I loved the double date between Ned/Suzzie and Jennifer/Jock. Ned was always running to the bath room, and Moze was trying to help him and just when he went o kiss Suzie he kissed Moze instead.I watched that part a the next episode Last Day, everyone was happy except Ned.Suzie tries to kiss Ned, but he gets diarrhea again and runs back to the bathroom.Cookie tells Lisa they should meet up in Brazil if they get separated.

The three of them take Jock into Gordy's closet and have him take a lie detector test, which he passes. Cookie tries to ask out Vanessa, but she says things always go wrong on their dates and they should just be friends.

Cookie quickly grabs some food for Lisa, but leaves again saying he forgot the soy sauce.

When he returns to Paris to find Vanessa, he doesn't have a jacket with him.

Finally they all admitted that it was a mistake only to kiss again.

Meanwhile Cookie was trying to catch his invention and Gordy finally caught the weasel only to let it go cause Cookie's invention would of killed it.

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