Do internet dating sites really work

For example, Zoosk has more than 40 million members, e Harmony has more than 33 million members, Tinder has more than 50 million monthly users, and Ok Cupid has more than 3.5 million active members.

Not to mention these sites get millions of monthly visitors as well, so the user bases are only growing. If you go to a bar or club, you’ll probably see 50 to 100 people there, depending on the size of the venue, but that also includes people who are already taken.

Think about it: When going out to a bar, you have no idea who the other patrons are or what their intentions are.You don’t have to wait for coffee shops and bars to be open.You don’t have to wait around for your friends to finally set you up with someone.Check out reviews by businesses like ours, and visit the dating site’s success stories page to see who’s already found love.For example, Mariah and Justin are one of Match’s dozens of success stories.

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