Double your dating support

No one, though, suggested the thing that’s made the biggest difference to my relationship: Go on double dates.But spending time with other couples gives us something that we don’t always have the bandwidth or wherewithal to give to each other: surprise. Nerd Love, says one of the most common issues couples face is falling into predictable ruts.But turning a good idea into a good night with another twosome can be trickier than it seems, especially if you’ve never spent time hanging out as couples before.Here are things to keep in mind before you reserve a table for four.Just make sure anything you ask feels more like a conversation starter than an interrogation — one 2013 study of speed daters found that when it comes to bonding, it’s best to share stories and not ask too many pointed questions.

If that’s the case, don’t force a double date hoping things will magically change. Because double dates can be inherently awkward, at least the first time you go out together, House suggests looking for couples who you can feel relaxed around.

If one couple needs to hire a babysitter or pay for Uber trips, keep that in mind when planning activities or meals.

Another thing to consider is the goal of the date: Are you getting together to have fun and blow off steam as a group?

This way, you’ll keep the momentum going, adding a new dimension to your friendship as well as your respective romantic relationships.“Double dates can be a great way to help maintain friendships with other couples, especially if responsibilities like children or work mean that you don’t see each other as often as you’d like,” O’Malley said.

I’ve tried out several different programs and coaches, and have always been left disappointed and slighted.

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