Driver sr need updating gentoo

This repo explains how I download, configure, and install kernels on my Gentoo Linux machines.

I claim that my methodology is better than 90% of the workflows described online, including the official Gentoo documentation.

) passwd eselect profile list # select hardened/linux/x86 eselect profile set 8 echo "en_US ISO-8859-1" /etc/locale-gen cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime # get a hardened toolchain emerge --oneshot binutils gcc virtual/libc source /etc/profile export PS1="(build-chroot) $PS1" # Configure emerge-webrsync. emerge gnupg mkdir -p /etc/portage/gpg chmod 0700 /etc/portage/gpg gpg --homedir /etc/portage/gpg --keyserver net --recv-keys 0x239C75C4 0x96D8BF6D gpg --homedir /etc/portage/gpg --edit-key AE5454F967B56AB09AE160640838C26E239C75C4 trust gpg --homedir /etc/portage/gpg --edit-key DCD05B71EAB94199527F44ACDB6B8C1F96D8BF6D trust # update portage with emerge-webrsyncmkdir /torgateway emerge gzip baselayout coreutils debianutils diffutils ed file findutils gawk grep groff kbd less iptables \ module-init-tools net-tools openrc sed shadow sysvinit sys-apps/texinfo util-linux which e2fsprogs udev procps psmisc iputils \ bash nano tor torsocks localepurge grub dhcpcd \ -v --root /torgateway mkdir -p /torgateway/ echo "tor:x:16:added by portage for tor:/var/lib/tor:/sbin/nologin" /torgateway/etc/group # Don't know if etc-update works in ?

you need at least modify the script and remove any reference to "portageq" cp /usr/sbin/etc-update /torgateway/usr/sbin/etc-update cp /etc//torgateway/etc/cp /usr/src/linux/arch/x86/boot/bz Image /torgateway/boot/kernel # didn't use modules so that part is missing, refer to

You can burn the ISO image to CD or to a USB flash drive but I opt for the former for simplicity.

Criticism welcome :) Advantages of my approach (summary; see below for full explanation): There's no need to duplicate documentation, so go and at least skim through those pages if you haven't read them already. TL; DR: Distros such as Ubuntu and RHEL have their own forks of the kernel (e.g. They also backport fixes to certain "stable" and supported versions.

How kernel development works: It's possible to use those with Gentoo, but I fail to see the appeal of doing that.

/proc/sys/kernel/grsecurity/chroot_caps mkdir gentoodev cd gentoodev # verify fingerprints!

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