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In a Comenius school project called “My community and my history in Open Street Map“, students and teachers in the participating countries regularly meet up.In addition to mapping parties and the collection of data for the OSM database, treks, walks or “stumbling stones” are detected and / or translated as part of the project; for example, the Task Manager of the HOT teams might translate information into German, so that German mappers can more easily enter data into folders in crisis areas such as Ebola-infected areas and the Gaza Strip.But this project does not only put together data that go into various products such as Open Source Routing Machine, Graphhopper or History Map, it also involves creating versions in the various different languages of participating countries .In addition, it will also contribute to this particular blog, from which various messages from the OSM world are publicised to a wider audience.

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Given the weather conditions along with the range conditions, this scope performed flawlessly and I would and am highly recommending this scope and mounting system to all professional personal . ““A few years ago my wife purchased an Armalite AR-15 that had been converted to fire 7.62x39 (AK-47) ammo for me.

After my astonishment of the 3x model and its performance I went online to find if you had any more magnifiers at higher powers and was disappointed to find that there were none besides larger/longer scopes. My hope is that you will produce some 5x-10x models with the same great performance and quality of the 3x. As a side note I was so impressed with the quality of the product/brand that I ordered a bipod that I was already in the market for.

You have a new customer that will return for productshopefully I can return to find some additional powered magnifiers! John first let me say that the test was conducted in two different schools over seven day of continuous shooting in cold than humid down pours and the scope was exposed not only to the change in weather but also mud, sand, and gravel.

It came with a Leapers 4x32 Red/Green Illuminated Mil-dot scope.

I had never heard of Leapers before and as such I didn't expect much from the scope, honestly I figured I'd end up swapping it out for a better known brand. Once I sighted it in I was AMAZED at how well it performed it turned my rifle into a tack- Every time we go to the range I routinely maintain sub-MOA groups at 100 yards (the farthest distance at my local range) and more often than not I find myself "keyholing" shots.

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    Richie was responsible for working with the Texas National Guard, the Division of Emergency Management, and the transition of functions to the Texas Ethics Commission.