Dynamic lookup cache not updating explain carbon 14 radioactive dating

However our office dns cache is still showing the old name.Yesterday I set the TTL down to 10 minutes, so I don't have to wait long.When second record is read from source, it should go and update the existing value present on the target. SQ-- EX -- Dynamic Lookup on target -- Router -- Insert to target (or) update strategy -- Update to target. When I debug the flow, for the first record dynamic lookup cache is populating the value 1 [Insert] on New Lookup Row port, but when the second row comes in, it is generating 0 on New Lookup Row instead of 2. We have selected these properties in lookup Dynamic Look up cache Synchronize dynamic cache Insert else update At the session level, we made the option Treat incoming row as Data driven. Hi, I have an issue with the Dynamic Lookup cache functionality.I have a requirement where I have to use the calculated value from the cache the next time we run the session.

Still the dynamic lookup cache is only stores 100 and not 120. Is there any workaround for this to mae the cache updated?This makes both the target table and the Dynamic lookup cache not in sync.Example : suppose the existing value of lookup dynamic cache is 100 and when the session updates the value as 120 in both cache and target.When I try to debug the mapping the Lookup cache enables the New Lookup row to 1 for the records not present in the Target Table.But for the records exist in the cache the Lookup transformation does not update the cache and it remains as 0 though there is a clear change in the columns data.

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